Our Story

Our path to concrete is somewhat unconventional. With backgrounds in real estate and digital marketing, concrete was really the last thing on our minds.

But everything changed when we visited a concrete manufacturer in Baja California.

We were immediately fascinated with this versatile material.

Concrete is simple, minimalistic, sturdy, and practical. It can be transformed into almost anything while retaining an urban, modern charm. The texture, weight, and individuality that comes from concrete itself, makes every piece so unique.

This love affair with concrete continued and after months of discussion, we decided to create our own unique handmade homeware brand and launch a business based on our values. 

With a shared vision (and hours of dedication) we opened an understated online shop, offering our unique homeware and lifestyle products with a pared-back aesthetic all made out of concrete.

"What we love about concrete is the fact that something so strong and simple can be molded into so many different forms. It allows the mind to get creative because you can use cement to create practically anything."  

A Treasure You’ll Cherish for a Lifetime

Concrete Unicorn designs are timeless, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted pieces that complement and fit seamlessly in your space. 

We ensure that the time, quality and creativity behind each product we design will create a beautiful and unique statement piece in your home, office, yard or to gift to someone special.

Concrete Unicorn's proprietary process, coupled with the beautiful tactile quality of cement gives each piece its unique charm. We use high quality, natural pigments, and silicone molds to achieve incredibly smooth surfaces and beautiful coloration.

We are proud to offer a range of unique concrete homeware and lifestyle products, in various natural colors. Check out our shop to view all our designs!