Valentine's Day is just a few short weeks away and if you haven’t thought about gifts yet, it’s time to get your creative juices flowing.

Don’t have a clue what to get? Our recommendation is to skip the box of chocolates and opt for a thoughtful gift that will last much longer and will make your loved ones smile. 

Let your loved ones know that you adore everything about them this Valentine's Day (even the prickly parts!) with a cute little handmade planter with a succulent or cactus you’ve chosen for them. Or print out a few plant tags, stickers or cards that bring in a little nature and fun to a container you purchase from the nursery or store.

Below we're sharing a few more adorable and down-right hilarious gift ideas we were inspired by for Valentine's Day.

Get Crafty

You don't have to be the next Picasso to create something heartfelt for your friends or loved ones. You just need a little inspiration and some patience to quickly put together some of these ideas. These can obviously range from very simple to incredibly complex, but here are a few cute ideas to spark your imagination:

This SUPER easy gift idea that will only set you back a few dollars: DIY paper bag plant gifts. If you have all the materials you’ll need like paper bags at home, it’s also free and only takes a few minutes to make!! Visit to make your own.

These Candy Heart Plant Pots from Popcorn and Chocolate are the perfect last minute gift. Just pick up a few plain pots, plants some succulents and either purchase or print out candy heart stickers. Extra credit for personalized messages.

Or take it up another notch and create these custom Valentine’s Day planters with plant tags. Get the free printables, and step by step instructions to make these DIY Valentine’s Day succulent planters at 

Photo by Casey Starks 

If you’re looking for something more heartfelt than a standard bouquet from a florist, you can try making this Valentine's arrangement with an empty heart-shaped candy box. You’ll definitely get points for creativity and recycling!

Let ‘Em Know They’re The Only Succa For You

Photo by: LeelaPrintableArt

Card By: LeelaPrintableArt

If you’re worried about keeping any real plants alive, fear not! There are so many fun ways you can still get creative and incorporate that bit of greenery into your gift, even if it’s just a drawing on paper.  

Check out Emorie Kidder’s awesomely cute and FREE printable succulent valentines here

Handmade Pots and Planters

Support your local small businesses and pick up a thoughtful, handmade planter you can fill with plants or anything you'd like!

Concrete makes the perfect slate for any plant, succulent or even as a container to hold your odds and ends and it's one gift that is sure to keep on giving well after Valentine's Day is over. Check out our selection of mini concrete planters that are great for succulents, cacti, or air plants. Fill 'em up with their favorite plant and make your loved one's day with an unexpected gesture of creativity and nature. 

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