August 24, 2021 3 min read

When it comes to good design you should consider the importance of including plants as part of your home decor. Plants are a living organism and are always a great addition to any space you add them to. They add so many benefits to the aesthetics of our homes, and when decorating with plants there is so much you can do with them to enhance the beauty & quality of your home.

There’s something about houseplants that make a space feel more lived in. Plants add an inexpensive way to make a space feel warm and cozy. Plants also curate a natural beauty that immediately helps elevate your decor and they also bring a much-needed touch of color and life to every room they’re in. In addition to the aesthetic values that plants can add to a home, indoorplants have many health benefits such as having a soothing effect on our minds and using them for decoration is a great way to keep yourself relaxed.

We rounded up some plant decorating ideas to help you craft the space of your dreams, no matter how small or large it is.

Stick With a Theme

In order to define an interior space and enhance the natural beauty of your home, you’ll want to keep in mind what you are trying to create for that space. Make sure you take into consideration the scale, color & texture you’re trying to achieve.

Small, breathable plants are great additions for indoor areas in your home. You can also choose hanging planters if you have a little balcony space. For your outdoor space decorate with some pretty statement plants.

Floor plants and plant stands are also very popular decorating options, depending on the room, decor and light options.

Elevate Your Plants

To better organize your collection you can use a stool, a bar cart, or floating shelves to bring some dimension to your plants and decor. No matter what kind of “stand” you choose, you’ll want to choose wisely for an open design that will let in light and support the weight and size of the plant. End tables, step stools, art-supply carts, wooden crates, are also great options for plants.  

Get Tropical

Another clever way to complement the outdoors inside of your living space is to include tropical plants within your decor. A Fiddle Leaf Fig tree is a great stand alone tropical plant. Its height, structure and beauty are a statement on its own and do not require any stand or pot. 

Other tropical plants like a Bird of Paradise or Dracaena Rikki Cane with multiple stems and leaves can be propped on a stand or an end table and dressed up with a nice pot or a boho style basket.

Simplify with Succulents & Cacti 

It’s quite apparent that some people aren’t blessed with a green thumb, however, if you still want to add some natural elements to your home you can easily create a low-maintenance plant collection with some succulents and cacti. Since most of these plants only require a little water and sunlight they are fairly easy to care for. In addition to their strength and longevity, cacti and succulents also add a unique aesthetic to most interior living spaces because of their linear shapes.

Try placing several different shapes and sizes of succulents in a similar pot arrangement. You can also group different plant types like succulents, cacti, air plants and other fun objects that share the same theme and style.


Decorating with plants not only adds pops of color to your decor, but serves to (literally) clear the air in your home. Always remember that embracing simplicity is one of the easiest ways to incorporate more green into your space. Now go forth and create the urban jungle of your dreams.

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