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Adding a touch of green to your workspace carries proven wellness benefits, from boosting productivity to purifying the air. But windowless cubicles and wacky watering schedules can bring most plant varieties to an early demise.

Which makes picking the perfect office plant quite a challenge.

Avoid getting stuck with a sad plant cemetery on your desk by choosing one of these air-cleaning, mood-boosting varieties that are also nearly impossible to kill.

Here are the top 5 office plants that are proven to withstand some neglect, fluorescent-lit spaces, and even that upcoming three-day weekend.

Air Plants

Air plants, such as Tillandsia, are the ultimate easy-care plant - they don't even need soil! Air plants are one of the trendiest home decor plants these days, so you'll find them everywhere from nurseries to boutiques, and they can be displayed in jars, on rocks, or mounted to driftwood and hung on the wall. Air plants do require some attention in order to thrive and last forever though! Learn more about caring for your air plants here

Succulents & Cacti

When thinking about low-maintenance plants, Succulents and cacti always come to mind. Although they do require much less care than other plants (just give them a bit of water once a week or so), they still need at least some light in order to stay healthy.

Try planting an assortment of fun succulents in a mix of sturdy geometric concrete planters like we did here. Don’t forget to place them in an area with enough sunlight!


The lush and leafy philodendron is nearly impossible to kill and research from the University of Technology, Sydney – one of Australia’s top tech institutions – indicates this pick may also be good for your health. Philodendrons are also known to be one of the top varieties for freeing indoor air of VOCs and excess carbon dioxide, which can be harmful to human health. So, adding an air-cleansing variety like this one could go a long way to boosting productivity at work.

There are many varieties of Philodendron to choose from like the common split-leaf Philodendron shown here.

To care for your philodendron be sure to keep the soil fairly moist by watering about two times a week.

The Pothos Plant

The small, yet hardy Pothos Plant is without a doubt the #1 choice for most office spaces. Pothos actually prefer little to no sunlight to thrive and are very easy to trim and maintain. To care for this plant, water whenever the soil feels dry, and trim back the plant if it starts to get leggy.

Snake Plant

The snake plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata, is a beautiful looking plant that requires almost no sunlight, making it a perfect addition to any office. This easy-to-maintain indoor plant is known to survive in almost any environment, even without water for days at a time.

The Snake Plant is also known for its ability to clear toxins from the air as the Snake Plant actually gives off oxygen while also filtering out toxic substances like formaldehyde and trichloroethylene.

Science-Backed Benefits of Office Plants

Did you know that adding a touch of green to your workspace carries proven wellness benefits, from boosting your mood and productivity to purifying the air?

Several varieties of indoor plants can actually purify the air by removing volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be found all around the average office, from carpets and furnishings to solvents and ink. Indoor plants also contribute to good air quality by increasing humidity and absorbing carbon dioxide.

All of the plants we’ve discussed above can be easily found at home improvement stores and nurseries, but if you can’t find the one you’re looking for, there are many varieties available to purchase online.

If you're looking for a container or pot for your office plants be sure to check out our collection of concrete planters.

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February 03, 2021

I’m starting my collection of succulents. Which one’s are the best for my family?

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