August 17, 2021 3 min read

Moving to a new home is a stressful experience, but when you plan on taking your plants with you it can be a daunting task. While moving with plants is not impossible, it requires some advance planning, tender love, and patience.  You have to be cautious and gentle! Plants like humans don’t like sudden or surprising changes. Most plants do not like extreme change. You may think they won’t notice, but trust us, they do. 

You have to prepare them a few weeks in advance in order for them to survive the trip to their new paradise.

Here’s our top tips to move your plants to a new home while keeping them happy and healthy along the way.

Before The Move 

Follow these steps to condition your plants for moving so they can endure changes to their environment without wilting or breaking:

A few weeks before the move: Clean and prune your plants from dead leaves and shrubs. Also make sure to dust and check they don't have any pests on them. You also may consider repotting your plants in lightweight plastic pots a few weeks before your move so you don't schlep them in their heavy pots and planters. 

A week before the move: Give them all a thorough watering. You don’t want to water the day of the move because you need to allow enough time for the soil to dry out a little but not so much time that the soil is back to bone dry. 

During The Move

In order to move your plants, you’ll likely need to pack them in a similar way you would your other belongings that need to be transitioned to their new home. We recommend using a well-taped, sturdy box or taping cardboard over the soil so that it does not spill over during the move. You might also want to consider covering the tops of your plant with a plastic bag for extra protection. If you are transporting large plants that do not fit into a box, you’ll want to ensure that no other boxes can accidentally slide and crush your plants on the drive over.

It’s crucial to pay attention to the temperature and environment of your plants during the move. If possible, transport your plants in a car where you can control the temperature to their environment as opposed to a hot and unventilated moving truck where they might get shocked from the extreme change in climate. 

If you stop for the night, bring them indoors with you. Plants don’t like getting too cold  or too hot. Just like us, plants can become picky and needy and they can get too hot or too cold. You just uprooted their whole life and changed their entire surroundings and their health can decline rapidly due to these abrupt changes. When packing your plants they should always be the last things loaded into your car, and the first things brought into the new home to protect them from the elements as much as possible.

After The Move

Once you’re in your new home, it’s important to get your plants back in the same condition they were in at your previous home. 

When you arrive in your new home, you may be tempted to repot your plants back to their original planters right away. It’s important that you do not repot them immediately when arriving at your new home, even if you want to put them back in their planters. Place them where they will be content and check that they have water and light so they can get used to their new environment before making any other sudden changes. It's normal you will notice some changes when you first settle them in. The air and lighting is different, the humidity might be different, and the temperature may also vary from their original surroundings. Give them some time to get used to their new home.They may experience some shock symptoms especially with something as traumatic as a big move.  

Always remember to monitor your plants and be patient. With careful planning and attention, your plants will make a successful move. Gently treat your plants to all the TLC they deserve and like you, they'll flourish in their new home in no time. 

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