August 03, 2021 3 min read

As the seasons change, so do your plant's needs. When summer comes around, your indoor plants could use a little extra tlc. They get just as hot and thirsty as we do and it’s important to protect your plants and adjust your watering schedule when the warm days of summer come around. Don’t let your plants sweat it out this summer. 

Follow these tips to help accommodate your plant babies from the negative effects of summer heat and humidity.

Move Plants Away From Direct Sunlight 

Plants have the tendency to become extremely sensitive to the scorching summer sun when the weather gets hotter. Help keep them cool by shading them from direct sun. Move your plants further away from sun-filled windows during hot days, or put up a sheer curtain to prevent wilting, rough patches on the leaves and potential sunburn.

Maintain High Humidity

Summer heat can lower the amount of humidity and your plants can suffer negative effects. Humidity is important for indoor plant survival so be sure to provide your plants with an ideal living environment by increasing the humidity levels. You can provide a little humidity by placing your plants on top of a saucer or tray with pebbles, and filling it with water. You can also mist your plants regularly with a spray bottle. 

Keep Them Hydrated

It is a known rule of thumb that our plants need water whenever the soil is dry ​​and in the summer months you may need to adjust your watering schedule and water your plants more often. Keep them hydrated by watering your plants in the morning hours with room temperature water. 

TIP: Never use cold water thinking you’re helping and cooling your plants off. Water that is too cold can actually shock the roots.

Give Them A Breeze Without the A/C 

Plants just like people enjoy the fresh air in the summer. Provide them with a breeze by opening some windows during the cooler times of the day or by running a fan. It’s tempting to want to feel a blast of cool air when we step in from outside, but most indoor houseplants don’t do well with cold air hitting directly on their leaves. We’d recommend avoiding leaving the A/C on or set the temperature a little higher, especially when you’re not home. Also remember to keep all plants away from A/C units. Since most houseplants come from tropical environments, they prefer warmer and more humid environments. 

Avoid Fertilizing, Repotting & Pruning

It’s advised to avoid fertilizing, repotting and pruning when regular summer days turn into a heatwave. As plants go into survival mode all their energy goes into coping with the high temperatures instead of taking in nutrients. Fertilizing during a heatwave can be too much to handle for your plants. So wait until the heatwave ends before fertilizing again.

Good plant maintenance requires repotting root-bound plants when needed, however, a hot summer day is likely the worst time to do it. Repotting plants is stressful so if possible, wait until the days are a little cooler to avoid the extra stress. 

Like fertilizing and repotting, plants need pruning from time to time to promote new growth and a healthier shape. Pruning can also be very stressful for your indoor plants during extreme heat so it’s best to wait until the temperature drops a little in the fall months to do any snipping. 

Pick Up Leaf Droppings

Although pruning isn’t a good idea, it is advised to clean up yellowing or dying leaves and flowers on your indoor plants. Dropping leaves piling up on the soil make a perfect home for pests – especially those nasty fungus gnats. 

As always, remember that your plants are living creatures that do in fact communicate with you! By accommodating your indoor plants for the change in season you can be sure to keep your houseplants thriving all summer long.

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