What’s better than one succulent? A whole garden or urban jungle collection, of course! Lucky for you, it's super simple to grow a collection of these hardy, colorful plants at home via propagation.

What is Succulent Propagation?

Propagating succulents is a simple, and cost-effective way to grow your own garden without spending any money. Succulent propagation involves taking an element of a mature succulent and using that element to grow a new plant. This can be done by using the offsets, leaf cuttings, stem cuttings, or seeds from a mature plant.  Propagating succulents is simply an easy process.

Grow a Whole New Garden With Just One Plant

You can clone your existing favorites just by splicing off clippings and encouraging them to sow their own roots.Take a look at these simple steps to propagate succulents below to sprout these babies in containers around the house and garden all year long.

ONE: Remove The Leaves

If you’re planning on propagating your succulent plant from a stem cutting, decide where you want to make the cut. Then use clean, sterile clippers or a sharp knife to make the stem cutting. Otherwise, you can use your fingers to gently remove the lower leaves off the stem by wiggling them from side to side. After removing lower leaves, place them face up in potting soil

TWO: Wait For Leaves to Callous & Wilt

Next, wait a few days until the ends of each leaf dry up and callous over. No potting medium or water needed for this step. Check them in about five days to see if each has formed a callus on the cut end.

THREE: Put Cuttings on Soil and Watch for Root Growth

Once the stems have wilted and calloused, fill a shallow tray with well-draining soil and place the cuttings on top. Within a few weeks, roots and tiny plants will begin to grow from the base of the cuttings. Water minimally until roots appear, and then water approximately once a week being careful to avoid overwatering.

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FOUR: Plant When Roots Form

Eventually, the "parent" leaf will wither-- remove it carefully, being sure to not damage the new roots. Allow your propagated succulents to take root, then they can be replanted as desired. It’s also best to avoid placing them in direct sun until the plants are established.

→ One Last Tip: Avoid Overwatering!

The biggest mistake you can make when attempting to propagate succulent plants is to over water them. If the soil is too wet, the cutting will ultimately rot. The key to successfully propagating succulents is to keep the soil on the dry side, but the air around the cutting humid.

So go grab some of your favorite succulents and use the techniques described above to propagate them like a pro. Got any succulent propagation tips you’d like to share? We’d love to know your tips in the comments section below.

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