Have you ever noticed those unsightly watering stains that happen beneath your pots after resting on a porch, deck, or patio for a season or two?

Pot feet might just be the best thing you can add to your garden pots and containers to prevent water stains and a handful of other nasty and harmful problems. 

Pot feet are a decorative way to lift your garden pots & containers off the ground. They also achieve three functional benefits essential for healthy plants. 

Read on to learn about these benefits and learn why every pot and container garden needs pot feet.

All Containers Need a Little Elevation

'Pot feet' help lift a pot or container off of the ground or another surface to provide extra aeration. They also ensure that a plant is not sitting in standing water as the drain holes are not flush with the ground.

Garden pots and containers without pot feet don’t have enough space to allow for airflow or water drainage - making them susceptible to a slew of nasty and harmful problems.

Pot Feet Benefits for Container Gardens

Pot feet serve three vital functions when supporting planters:

1. Promotes Drainage

Pot feet provide air flow under the container which allows the soil to dry out completely between watering. The air flow that is created from pot feet is also very healthy for the roots of the potted plants. Providing your pots and containers with air and elevating them also prevents your garden planters from staining the surface beneath them.

2. Prevents Mildew

In wet weather, harmful rot and mildew can build up from overwatering and become especially saturated with water. It is vital to raise pots up off the ground to keep the bottom of the pot out of the water if they live outside or on and non-porous area.

3. Deters Insects

Vine weevil and any other insects that like the moist, dark conditions are particularly common pests of container-grown plants. Standing a plant pot on pot feet to lift the pot off the ground and allow air to circulate below it to discourage insects from hiding underneath pots and invading a potted plant.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Elevating the bottom of your garden containers greatly improves the health of your plants and increases their life expectancy!

What's your take on pot feet?

What do you think about using pot feet? Do you already use them for your pots or are you planning to add them soon?

If you’re looking for some sweet pot feet, check out our new pot feet collection. These pot feet are designed to stylishly raise your container off the ground to prevent staining and provide improved airflow. 

Click here to buy pot feet for your garden!

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