First discovered and used by the Romans, concrete is known for its durability, strength, and suitability as a building product. More recently, it has entered the home as a material in flooring and furnishings.

The unexpected and exceptional use of this material in the home has made it one of the most interesting developments in the realm of homeware trends.

BUT Why Design With Concrete?!

Despite concrete's reputation for being industrial and cold, the simplicity and organic feel of concrete are taking the interior design world by storm and currently trending up as a design feature in our homes. From smooth polished bar and table tops to poured concrete baths and pools, concrete is being redefined as edgy, timeless and cool.

Concrete’s adaptability means it can be cast, polished, ground and waxed, as well as being replicated in concrete-look and feel materials. It has a wide range of grey tones, from a greenish tinge (due to its “lime” component) to more blue-grey tones, making it suitable for many color schemes and home designs.

Pure Concrete Minimalism

At Concrete Unicorn, we honor the rawness of these sophisticated yet, understated materials to create simple, yet functional structures that energize our environments. 

The best part is, there’s no need to spend a fortune to get the look at home. You can add a few accessories to achieve the same effect in an understated way. Mix it up with some on-trend metallic to really bring the trend up to date.

Far from creating a cold, hard atmosphere, concrete can actually help to bring a warmer feel to your home. Incorporating concrete decor and style elements to your exterior space or home gives the perfect excuse to add timeless furnishings with more tactile textures.

From concrete furniture, and lighting to easier-to-incorporate into your home designs such as concrete planters there are lots of ways to bring the material into your interior design.

Start With Concrete Accessories

If you're ready to decorate your space with this versatile material, the best place to start is with concrete accessories. 

Whether you choose a full concrete-based aesthetic or subtle touches, you’’ be sure to find the best concrete homeware accessories at Concrete Unicorn, and discover the best ways to incorporate the trend into your home. The clean and modern profile and feel of our designs can take your outdoor or indoor space to the next level. 

To get started, take a peek *SOME* of our brand new concrete planters:

The simplest way to add this trend is with accessories – from vases, vessels, planters, and canisters to bookends, figurines, and sculptures. It’s a sleek and modern look that will last the test of time. 

Become a Concrete Unicorn Trendsetter 

At Concrete Unicorn, our goal is to provide you (the coolest customer in the world) a pleasurable, creative, and exciting way to shop and share your experience.

If you'd like to be a badass unicorn trendsetter with us, we welcome you to join our concrete community and share photos of your purchase by tagging us on social media with @concrete_unicorn or #ConcreteUnicorn. 

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