August 15, 2018 3 min read

If there's one trend that we've seen touch pretty much every facet of design in the past few years (in home and event decor), it's the Moroccan inspired decor. There's something about this trend that feels like a blend of rustic and modern, especially when the designs use new materials and mediums to create an alluring, exotic, bohemianvibe.

Want a way to bring a flair of dramatic vibe to your bohemian décor? Incorporating Moroccan décor can be as simple as introducing lanterns, patterns, and sophisticated accents that take on a global feel and are full of colors and texture. This style can be meshed with your existing décor and is certainly a way to catch the eyes and hearts of each guest who enters your home.

Here are a few simple ways to add Moroccan-inspired pieces to your home to transform your space into a global paradise full of colors and texture.

Incorporate a Few Moroccan-Inspired Elements  

Moroccan decor features a blend of ornate patterns, vibrant colors, and metallic accents which can certainly be over-the-top for some, especially if you're just starting to introduce new decor to your space. To bring a small touch of Moroccan style to your home, look for pillows, chairs, rugs, blankets, or even stick-on tile decals in eye-catching quatrefoil and tile patterns.

We love this abstract Arabesque Lattice print in black and white as the focal element of a bedroom. The Emvency Bedding Duvet Cover Set comes in twin and queen duvet sizes. 

Emvency Bedding Duvet Cover Set

For those who do not want to make a long-term commitment to a permanent design or renters who can't, these self-adhesive tile decals will  add a touch of elegance to your home decor. InfiniteDots Peel Stick Stair-Riser Decals  are inspired by Moroccan hand painted tiles are easy to install and install upgrade any room or even your staircase!

Add a Moroccan Metal Lamp or Lantern

Metal punched or poked tin lamps are another classic décor element seen in Morocco. Whether they’re copper, brass or simple punched metal, these light fixtures are sure to bring a hint of magic to a room. 

Hang a small cluster of lamps or lanterns in a corner or as a focal point over a dining or seating area. Find lamps or lanterns that allow points of light to shine through, to add an ambient light source and stunning decor element for any room.  

Our rustic Moroccan Copper Lamp will add a sparkling glow and a warm Mediterranean vibe to any room. Each aged metal lamp is individually handcrafted by our talented artists in Essaouira, Morocco. 

Tie the Room Together with a Moroccan Rug

Want to really warm up your space? A rug is good, but why stop at one when you could have three? Layer rugs of varying textures, patterns, and colors for a cool, eclectic, Moroccan vibe.

Don’t forget, no Moroccan-inspired room is complete without a diamond patterned rug.Moroccan décor has no limits when it comes to playing with patterns. You can blend together a myriad of contrasting patterns without fear of clashing. Once you have assembled a vibrant array of patterned rugs to channel your inner free spirit,go ahead, add your poufs and a few cute end-tables or stools to pull the look together.

This traditional area rug by NuLoom is the perfect way to introduce a pop of color into your space, while still keeping things classy and simple. 

Mix In Your Own Style

If you’re thinking that Moroccan decor may be too overwhelming for your home, the fun thing about Moroccan decor elements is that they can be understated while still having an impact.

Moroccan décor has this carefree way of being able to mix with nearly any décor style you may already have in your home. Whether you choose to deck out a room top to bottom in Moroccan décor or represent it subtly, it’s a beautiful way to bring global mindfulness to any space.

A traditional Moroccan pouf like this Leather Ottoman Footstool fromMoroccan House can be placed just about anywhere that could use an artistic and exotic touch. Poufs work perfectly near your sofa or fireplace, at the end of your bed or in your children’s room.  

So if you’re bored of minimalist and monochromatic interiors, there is nothing like a Moroccan-inspired interior to bring some color into your space!

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