November 17, 2017 2 min read

We scoured the Internet, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and all the trendiest media sources to bring you what we believe will be the hottest trends for 2018. So as we begin to say goodbye to 2017, it’s time to look ahead and see what’s in store for home design trends in 2018.

Collect Creative Concrete Accents

Concrete is becoming a must-have material for interior design. Concrete has always been a popular material choice, but don’t be surprised to start seeing it show up in many more unexpected ways, such as in furniture, decorative accessories, wallcoverings,countertops, and tiles.

Create a Small, Movable, Indoor Garden

2018 is going to bring the garden right into the home. With luscious greens and earthy browns creating the main palette accentuated by blooms of red and burnt yellow. Grand floral, botanical prints and wall hangings will add a sense of occasion. Trends forecast a striking contrast between lush greenery with small concrete items such as planters to add interesting focal points. We’re loving the idea of bringing the garden inside all year round to bring about a fresh and living atmosphere inside of your home.

Achieve The Cement “Look”

Caesarstone recently launched a quartz line that looks remarkably like cement. Entire fireplace hearths from top to bottom, counter tops, vessels, flooring, and even walls with cement panels are coming under the radar. There are even faux cement panels that you can clad along an entire expanse of a wall which really lends to that industrial loft feeling without the price tag or clunkiness of traditional cement.

Choose Decor with Meaning & Purpose

Your home decor should be ALL ABOUT the items and personal pieces that inspire joy. Today there is such a need for emotional connection that we can’t help but agree that if something makes you happy, then it makes the cut. Decorate your space with things that spark joyous meaning, remind you of an experience or personal story, and take pride in knowing that it is unique to you and your style.

Integrate Geometrical Forms

Incorporating geometric shapes into your home design is surprisingly easy to implement. You can play with it almost anywhere inside or outside of your space: consider triangles or circles on your wallpaper, floor tiles, pillows or even lamps in these forms! The possibilities are endless.

Seek Items That Are “Made By Hand”

Handmade is a term that holds powerful bragging rights these days as we’re so comfortable and used to living in our ever-evolving tech world. There will be more of a focus and appreciation on the technique of how something is made and an appreciation for things made by human hands. There will be more of a need to balance our tech lives and connect with nature and handmade elements we may have previously ignored.

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