Anyone who has spent time walking down a sidewalk might be puzzled that concrete is trending in both residential and commercial design.

But the truth is, there’s lots to love about concrete!

When applied properly concrete can add a surprisingly versatile and stylish addition to any setting, that works in rustic and minimalist homes alike. Concrete’s calm gray hue also serves as a neutral base for colorful and textural infusions of all kinds.

Did you know that this building material is also green-friendly? Concrete optimizes energy performance, conserves natural resources, and can be made locally.

Here’s a look at how concrete is making a comeback in 2018 that may convince you to rethink the material—and perhaps even use it in your own home.

Concrete on EVERYTHING

One of the biggest trends of the year is concrete and we will see it in all shapes and forms in our home design, furnishings, and accessories.

The material is durable and relatively easy to work with. Its natural, light gray hue matches the vast majority of contemporary décors.

Photo by: AD Architectural Digest Germany

Embrace Concrete

Although Concrete can come across as cold and standoffish, we are going to see a lot more of it in unexpected forms, including furniture, countertops, wall coverings and decorative home accessories such as planters and pots.

When it comes to warming it up so it feels less industrial and homier, we suggest to mix it up with contrast, warm wood pieces and lots of plants to balance some of the material's coolness.

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The cool thing about concrete is that you can make almost anything out of it! Concrete can be used in interior design, floors, walls, furniture, kitchen countertops, and bathroom concrete sinks so fashionable you will reconsider all the misconception you may have had about concrete.

Concrete Planters

Concrete planters bring a sophisticated understated rawness to your home and landscape.

Concrete is a perfect match for plants of all kinds. The simplicity and organic feel of concrete is one which complements raw natural feel for the life of the plant it houses.

Concrete's clean and modern look gives a bit of edge and can take your outdoor or indoor space to the next level.

Tapered Rectangular Runner

Runners are great to create clean lines of symmetry and length. Planted with succulents or filled with fruits, they are the absolute compliment to any table setting.

Runners are also a striking addition to any landscape, garden or windowsill.

Cultivate a Succulent Collection

One of the best ways to explore and enjoy a combination of plants is in a container.

A plant may be exquisite on its own, but its beauty will be magnified when placed in the right container and loving environment that complement its color, structure, and textures.

Patterned Plants Go Great with Concrete

To go along with concrete planters, we recommend planting plants that have natural patterned leaves and color variations to contrast against the natural cement hues.

Houseplants, like the popular Snake Plant which we loveIt's nearly indestructible and has architectural, sword-shaped leaves. Or Calathea Orbifolia, go beyond green with vibrant, patterned foliage and flashes of color. Enjoy their look, energy and the positive effects they have on your life and home décor.

Get creative with your houseplants! Don’t limit yourself to the typical pothos or ficus in a corner. Instead, think of houseplants as integral design elements in your private sanctuaries, fulfilling the same roles they do in the garden outside: leading the eye, creating focal points, providing repetition and contrast, framing views, and lending texture, color, and form. Placing plants near the front door will help connect the interior to the exterior as well.

If you’re looking for a stylish way to add concrete to your home or landscape, be sure to check out our assortment of cool concrete planters that are a perfect way to start your concrete collection.

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