The bathroom is usually one area of your home (like the laundry room) that you often don't think about when you purchase or arrange your home decor. When you bring home a new plant, you'll probably think about placing the plant around a window, kitchen or living area. But most people don't think ofputting plants in their bathrooms. Your bathroom could be a fantastic home for your new plant(s) as many varieties love and flourish in the humidity of this environment. 

Go Green — These plants will thrive in your bathroom!

| Shower Plant | noun:

To take advantage of all the beauty (and health benefits!) that plants have to offer, a growing number of homeowners are adding them to an often overlooked area in the home—the shower. 


| Living plants | noun:

Fresh green plants lift our mood, clean the air, and breathe life into what can sometimes be a bland, sterile room. In addition, lots of plants are known to do well in humidity. Try ferns, palms, and succulents. 

#Bathplants: Plants To Put in Your Bathroom

Certain plants will do well in low light spaces while other need high humidity levels, some need lots of space. Some of the best plants for low light environments are cacti, succulents the snake plant and the spider plant.

With so many plants available today so all you have to do is choose the right plants that fit your bathroom décor. If the space is small, an option to consider would be to go vertically and hang plants from the ceiling.

If hanging is not an option think about adding smaller plants on the windowsill, in a corner, a shelf or on top of the toilet tank. Work with what you’ve got!

Add a few small pots or large air plants or mix a few larger pots on the bathroom floor if you’ve been blessed with a big enough space.

Perhaps one of the smartest – and easiest – ways to incorporate some greenery is by simply hanging a plant over the showered or curtain rod.

We hope these ideas have inspired you to brighten your bathroom decor with some greenery. Their purifying effect and decorative appeal will give a jungle-like vibe that will take it to the next level. Happy planting! 

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