May 04, 2020 3 min read

With everyone spending more time than usual at home right now, it seems like a great opportunity to work on your house. Home maintenance is an important part of being a homeowner, and now is the time to stop putting off many of the basic tasks you have been avoiding. Consider inspecting and fixing these five things about your house while you're staying in.

Attack: Clutter, Dirt, and Grime

This may seem simple but it is actually very important and can be done on a number of fronts. For example, having too much clutter around your house has been proven to negatively impact your mental health. Neglecting to clean other things can even be dangerous, such as chimney flues, dryer vents, furnace filters, and even gutters, which can cause leaks in your home from blocked or redirected water. Even if not a danger, dirt can reduce the efficiency of appliances, which will wear them down faster and increase your energy bills. Allowing dust and other contaminants to pile up can cause irritation and other health problems, especially for those with allergies or asthma.

Cover Up Cracks

Cracks can occur anywhere in your home, including in the masonry, foundation, walls, tiles, and driveway. Some are more serious and may need professional repair, while others you can fix yourself. For example, you can easily fix cracks in drywall by cutting out the offending area, replacing it, and reinforcing it. Driveway cracks can be filled in yourself but you will likely need to seal the driveway afterward. Other cracks can be fixed by caulking while some types, such as on tile, generally necessitate replacement.

Repair Your Roof

A roof repair could be needed for any number of reasons. You might be experiencing a leak, you may have damaged shingles or you may be ready to replace your roof entirely. Roofs last a varying length of time depending on the materials used. For example, metal roofs have a much longer expected lifespan than standard asphalt shingle roofs. Damage to your roof should be addressed as soon as discovered because it can turn into more substantial damage over time or cause water damage. Roof repair is not a do-it-yourself project, so you will want to look into hiring a professional in your area. For example, you might search for roof repair service in San Rafael, or search in your current location. Make sure to look for good reviews and find someone qualified to assist you. 

Fix, Replace, or Recycle Anything That Isn't Working

Perhaps one of your shades is broken but fixing it hasn't been a top priority, or you have drains that drain very slowly. Now is a good time to make a list of these small problems and go about solving them. Again, some things, like plumbing work or a non-functioning appliance, will require a professional and are better to be addressed promptly. But now is a good time to pull out the miscellaneous things around your home that no longer work to see if they can be repaired. If not, you can reduce clutter by throwing them out or replacing them.

Tackle Desired Home Improvement Projects

This might be the perfect opportunity to finally tackle a home improvement project you've been meaning to do for months or even years. Do note that you should be avoiding hardware and home improvement stores unless necessary. However, that doesn't stop you from ordering online or making improvements with things you already have lying around the house. For example, you could install shelving units or finally transform a room to be used for another purpose. For outdoor improvement projects, such as putting in a deck or a pool, you may be able to find companies still able and willing to do the work right now even for projects considered nonessential.

Now is the perfect time to fix up your house. You will likely never get a better opportunity, so don't waste it. Look around your home to discover issues as well as consider the repairs you might have been putting off. You can emerge from quarantine from a home in which you truly take pride.

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